Personal Earnings

Staking NFTs to gain earnings

By staking your NFTs to albums, you will receive two kinds of earnings: basic staking earnings and computing power bonuses.

You can withdraw the earnings from your staking to your wallet, or earn a higher return by staking your NFTs to albums.

Basic Staking Earnings

Staking your NFTs to albums will make you receive earnings every 10 minutes.

Basic staking earnings depend on the basic computing power of staked NFTs. The higher the computing power, the higher the rewards.

Basic Staking Earnings Formula

Earnings every 10 minutes = A*0.01/144

A: Basic computing power of NFTs

Staking Bonuses

The staking bonuses will be allocated according to the ratio of the total computing power of all albums under addresses to the computing power of the platform.


A / B100% = CD = next estimated earnings for the current address

A: Total computing power of all albums under the address

B: Total computing power of the platform

C: Percentage of address computing power

D: Estimated earnings to be distributed by the platform this time

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