Invest In Art

Selected Classics

The works are selected from the libraries of Naxos, Marco Polo, Capriccio, Grand Piano, Ondine, Orfeo and other internationally renownesi record labels, gathering music works of more than 9,000 artists from the Middle Ages to the modern times and covering a wide range of musical genres including classical, jazz, world, soundtrack and new century music, the total number of recordings is nearly 3 million.

Everlasting Value

The record company minted the artwork as a "Non-fungible Pass" for an exclusive, limited release. Investors will receive the perpetual and continuous income.


No need to register an account, trade directly using your wallet App. KOLO dose not hold your funds while trading and you have 100% ownership of your own cryptocurrency、NFT.

KOLO.Market Universe

Committed to creating the distribution and circulation of digital music assets based on the decentralized storage technology of blockchain technology application, and creating a decentralized and long-tailed transparent platform in the distribution of copyright asset income.
It aims to more effectively assist copyright owners to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, while maximizing the sustainable income of copyright owners, thereby promoting the healthy development of the entire ecosystem.
We will regularly invite well-known music celebrities to hold "Metaverse Concerts". Music-NFT is regarded as an admission ticket to the concert, and many rewards will be obtained while enjoying the music.

Community& Economy

All art assets can be easily accessed by third parties. Although still at an early stage, the founding teams of the entire project are from well-known blockchain companies and international music groups.
A key difference between KOLO.market and traditional classical music platforms is that the blockchain economic design unlocks the ability to have a complex player-owned economy and offer high rewards to avid collectors. Players can have fun and work towards ambitious goals while gaining potential resources - "listen to earn" - with real monetary value due to the open economy system and the demands of other player.buy NFT with $kolo


The purpose is to achieve the decentralization of classical music royalties. The music NFT issued by the KOLO platform is minted based on existing music works. It is committed to solving the decentralization, traceability, and non-tampering properties of music on the blockchain, solving copyright confirmation, rights protection, and management, and improving royalty payment efficiency and protection. rights of musicians.

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